Your Kids Can Learn to Sew Even if You Have Little to No Sewing Experience!
Do you have a daughter begging to learn how to sew? Are you not sure you have the skills to teach her? Are you worried it will take to much time? Do you wish you could find a solution that makes learning to sew easy?

Sewing doesn't have to be hard. You don't need to be an expert yourself. And it doesn't need to take more than an hour a week.

If you love the idea of your kids learning to sew AND you are willing to help them on their sewing journey then you are half way there!

Hi, my name is Katrina Marie and I'd love to be your kids sewing teacher.

 My step-by-step sewing instruction is easy to follow and perfect for beginners ages 6 & up.

With my help, your kids (and you) can learn to sew easily!

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Now, if you have a daughter (age 6 to 12) that wants to learn how to sew, and you’re ready for her to expand her creativity, as well as build her sewing skills. Plus, you look forward to hearing her say "Mommy, I LOVE what I made...that was so FUN! When is our next sewing class?"

You are ready to start sewing, together!

Over a full year of projects for your daughter's first year of sewing. Plus doll making and doll clothing projects. We even have a Getting Started DVD for parents that are new to sewing. All in a package that can be neatly stored for viewing anytime on any DVD player!
This program offers a full year of sewing projects perfect for a beginner. It is the same great instruction that's in our Sewing DVDs, but it's instantly accessible. Plus there's a payment plan and a few extra bonuses only included for students in our online classroom!
Love sewing and kids? Why not combine the two and  start your own home sewing business? In our teachers training we will show you how to setup and get ready to teach. Plus you can get our teachers licenses to teach our programs making it even easier on you!
"She is only 7 years old and made this little skirt from the video almost entirely by herself. There were only a couple of tiny things I needed to help her with. She was confident enough that she did not want me to help with anything. It was so fun to watch her and to see how excited she got about sewing."

Britney from Heart Zipper

"Bry had a lot of fun sewing the projects and loves that she has five whole things to look at and be proud of! And all of her friends are like 'what? you made that?? I wanna make that too!' I would definitely recommend this DVD {and the whole series!} to anyone who's child is wanting to learn to sew, or wants to add more projects to their list. It's fun for moms too!"

Ashley Marie from Chevron Stitches

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